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Warehouse systems

XMLShop has a long history of designing warehouse management systems. It all started back in 2002, when XMLShop was founded as a drop shipping company. Since then, numerous American retailers have taken an opportunity to automate their warehouses with the help of our company.

The warehouse systems designed by XMLShop, are integrated with main U.S. shipping carriers. They are very easy to use and make the pick and pack process much faster. A warehouse worker only needs to click on the button, and the system will automatically choose the most cost-effective way to send a certain package, and then print out a label.

This system provides the worker with where the product is stored on the shelf. Moreover, it helps to keep track of the inventory and notifies the retailer, when it s time to replenish stock.

These warehouse systems help to reduce the fulfillment time and increase the inventory accuracy. As a result, they significantly improve the customer satisfaction, and lead to bigger profits.

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