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XMLShop is founded. It initially operates as a drop shipping platform.

XMLShop helps to establish Semrush on American market. Semrush is a competitive intelligence digital set of tools for online marketers. It is an independent company now.

Beginning of partnership with big media companies and developing an advertising and recommendation engine for them. The clients of XMLShop include ForbesHearst and Tribune.

Partnering with AirCityPost to create for them a custom online shopping platform. Other large logistics companies, such as as P2P and Rebound, soon also become XMLShop’s clients.

Launching Counterfeit.Technology – the anti-counterfeit tool, mostly based on AI and computer vision.

Partnering with FDR logistics – custom shipping system for the U.S. food and restaurant industry. Development of AI&CV based shipping station and self-navigating robotic platform.

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