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Aircitypost case

AirCityPost is a major American logistics company that has been a client of XMLShop since 2011. The COO of ACP, Scott Masterson, worked with Forbes Inc. at the time XMLShop was developing software for the Forbes website. When Mr. Masterson moved to ACP, he asked XMLShop to take on designing an online platform for ACP s clients. ACP provides e-commerce stores with efficient shipping solutions. Their target audience are the international brands that ship their products to American customers. Simplicity and effectiveness were key requirements for the platform.

"I confidently recommend the XML Shop led by its founder Suren Ter-Saakov for any project requiring logistic software projects. Suren and his team have the ability to research, plan, implement, and most importantly, communicate with the client in ways that are understandable and concise."

Scott Masterson
Scott Masterson
COO of AirCityPost

As in all other cases, XMLShop developed software solutions from scratch. The project involved several system integrations with U.S. customs entities, which are well-known for their strict regulations, and airline companies. It was important to make the platform multi-shipper, and to make it accessible for users that live in different countries and speak different languages. The project was successful as XMLShop created a scalable and flexible database capable of interfacing with any client software as well as creating unique tools for the ACP s clients.

XMLShop was also able to help ACP to save their data even in the time of crisis. One morning, the ACP website was attacked by a group of Chinese hackers, hired by competitors of the company. There were two simultaneous attacks. A first DDoS attack aimed to shut down the website, and the second attack tried to penetrate the system and steal data. Both attacks failed. The ACP management learned about them after the fact—as everything worked perfectly well. Just as in the case with P2P Mailing, despite the severity of the emergency, there was no interruption to the operations of the business.

XMLShop continues to partner with ACP, and help them provide their clients with fast, reliable and cost-effective services through their shipping platform. Thanks to the software, developed by XMLShop, they were able to scale significantly, and to increase customer satisfaction.

AirCityPost LLC
Creating more simple and effective platform with less errors
Secure and efficient shipping software solution capable of multiple integrations
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