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XMLShop builds software for logistics companies to help them scale fast. For more than 15 years, we have been developing complex logistics software for our customers worldwide. We make from scratch software systems that can solve logistics problems of any complexity, and we design them to be intuitive and easy-to-use.

For the last few years, we have been partnering with major logistics companies, such as AirCityPost, Intelligent return (Rebound) and P2P, helping them increase their profits by providing them with excellent coding and great service.

XMLShop started out as a drop shipping service, also created reliable and cost-effective shipping stations for many of his clients. Given our experience in nearly every field of logistics, including warehousing and packing, we can anticipate both logistic companies and their customers needs.

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XMLShop consists of a big team of professionals working in three offices, located in Ukraine, the United States, and Dominican Republic. Initially operating as a drop shipping company, XMLShop has shipped more than 3,5 million orders through its interface.

XMLShop also created reliable and easy-to-use shipping stations for many of its clients who were selling the merchandize ranging from jewelry to electronics. The shipping stations are integrated with the API of the main U.S. carriers, and they assist in organizing the day-to-day warehouse operations

In 2013, XMLShop started partnering with big media companies, such as Forbes and Hearst. XMLShop created an algorithm that tracked the users behavior, and then showed them the most relevant content. A quick response from the application was key in the context of digital media because it affected how fast the user would see an ad, and the XMLShop team was able to bring it up to required speed. This application helped the media to significantly increase their key parameters of the conversion.

Another project, implemented by XMLShop, is called Countefeit.Technology. It was created to help fighting counterfeit products on the Internet. The technology, invented by the team, was able to find the websites that sell counterfeit goods, to scrape these websites for stolen images, and then to file a complaint with DMCA. By using OCR and image recognition technology, this project helped a lot of legitimate online stores to increase their revenue by getting rid of the unfair competition.

The team of XMLShop also played a key role in establishing an American presence for SEMRush Inc. This company originated in Russia, and then, with the help of XMLShop, it became one of the most popular tools for the online marketers in the U.S, with the database containing trillions of keywords.

XMLShop has been partnering for many years with such major logistics companies worldwide. The XMLShop team was able to create from scratch efficient and reliable shipping systems that were easy to use by both these companies and their customers, with its own set of unique tools for the latter.

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Suren Ter-Saakov

Suren Ter-Saakov

founder and CEO of XMLShop All team members